Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Do It Yourself Bath Mat

I've found a way of reusing old and worn out bath towels by doing your own bath mat.  Perhaps any old fabric will do but you just have to choose a material that is water absorbent like towels. All you need is a gridded matting that can be bought in crafts store and few pieces of worn out towels.  Perhaps I do not need to explain the procedure as the photo clearly speaks for itself. This can also be an easy school project for kids. :)  But wait, if you want to be a little bit more artistic, you can form a shape in the middle of the mat same like a heart, a circle or a flower to give your bathroom mat an added design.  It may be a little bit more difficult but it will be more attractive.  Of course, you have to use a different color for the shape to make it visible.

This could be a good summer project for your kids, too.  Try it!

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