Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fun Ways To Display Your Family Photos

We are already in the age where technology has already embraced every aspect of our lives. Snail mails were already replaced by emails, traditional store brought greeting cards were already replaced by ecards, paper back books were already replaced by ebooks and printed photos were already replaced by digital photos.  But come to think of it, we do sometimes prefer to see our treasured photos in life at any time of the day rather than opening our laptops and tablets to see them on display.

I think it won't hurt if we could choose some of our best shots, have these printed, framed and put on the wall.  But, it would be better if we could display those photos artistically.  Below are some of the cool ways to display those lovely family photos. 

Do It Yourself Bath Mat

I've found a way of reusing old and worn out bath towels by doing your own bath mat.  Perhaps any old fabric will do but you just have to choose a material that is water absorbent like towels. All you need is a gridded matting that can be bought in crafts store and few pieces of worn out towels.  Perhaps I do not need to explain the procedure as the photo clearly speaks for itself. This can also be an easy school project for kids. :)  But wait, if you want to be a little bit more artistic, you can form a shape in the middle of the mat same like a heart, a circle or a flower to give your bathroom mat an added design.  It may be a little bit more difficult but it will be more attractive.  Of course, you have to use a different color for the shape to make it visible.

This could be a good summer project for your kids, too.  Try it!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Spine Wall Shelf

I always love space saving ideas and when it comes to organization, I prefer something light and compact.  This spine wall shelf will be great to be installed near your bed and your work area. It's slim but can carry several books at one time.  It can be positioned anywhere in your bedroom or study room.  I think this will be of great help if you have students at home who's always on the go.  Easy to reach books on display will save a great deal of time and effort when they are in a hurry for school.  Another great thing is that you can save a lot by having this is as a DIY project rather purchasing it from local stores or online.  In that way, you can have a total control of it's color and height. :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Redesigned Studio Room



If you are thinking of doing a make over for your studio type condo unit or room, then you may want to consider this featured design by Los Angeles Landscape Architects.  This is actually an old garage converted into a bachelors pad.  They were able to transform this place into something that's elegant and cozy.  Love the way the furniture were arranged and the bathroom is really gorgeous!  It's small but complete.

The minimalist look of the pad made it appear larger in space and clutter free.  Awesome!

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