Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ribbon As Curtain Hooks

I've found this cool way of reinventing your curtains!  

Did you already had that problem before losing some of your curtain hooks?  If this happens to you, chances are you will definitely purchase a new set as it is not likely that you will use different designs of hooks for your curtains.  But guess what?  Cute colorful ribbons could be a substitute for hooks and will definitely add life to your curtains.  All you have to do is to choose a color that would give a nice contrast to the color of your curtains.  The lenght of the ribbon can be adjusted based from your own personal preference. This is an easy and cheaper alternative to revive those old curtains and give your home a "fresh look".

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pocket Garden

When I first decided to create a pocket garden out of a limited space on my front yard, I was clueless on what is going to be the design.  At first, I thought it's not going to be a successful project.  We've hired a professional landscaper to work on that since all of us in the house are busy at that time and we wanted to have it in place the soonest possible time.  I could have a bigger garden if I wanted to, as I have a vacant lot adjacent to our house, but it's going to be a very big project and would definitely hurt my pocket.  So we've decided to just have a pocket garden on what available space we have at the front yard.  Out of that little space, the landscaper was able to build a mini fish pond with an attached mini waterfalls, a garden set and a plant box. 

The added garden accessories, plant varieties and garden steps laid on pebbles at the ground completed the entire garden set up.  The landscaper added some colors to liven up the place and it turned out to be a very good one.  It's simple yet lovely!  This, then has become my favorite spot in the house.

Overall, we spent about $600 for the project.

Pendant Lights


This DIY Pendant Lights is such a beautiful work of art! It is not only decorative but functional. When hung on rooms, these can provide illumination to the whole area.  Easy as it may seemed, this project requires a great amount of practice to achieve perfection.  The materials used such as inflatable balls, some bottles of glue, lace fabric and other common art tools that are already available in the house will not even hurt your pocket. 

These Pendant lights could definitely transform your open space into an inviting atmosphere.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Weekly Menu Planner

Found this weekly meal planner online and I just thought hat this is a great idea to organize those weekly meals.  It can be hung right on our kitchen wall for a quick reference guide.  I love the fact that menus can be kept and recycled.  With this idea, you can make a proper rotation of  the menu in a way that it won't be too frequent and follow a nice interval before meals are actually being repeated.  Awesome!

It pays to plan out meals in advance.  Not only it helps us save a great deal of time and effort but it also allows us to do our budgeting easily.  If you are a busy Mom, that would also be useful giving your house help an idea on what to prepare for dinner in case you have to be home a little bit late from doing some home errands.  Your kids would also have an idea of what to expect for their dinner after school time.  This awesome idea from Claire's ultimate menu board  is really a brilliant idea! 

I would definitely be including this on my list of "to do" projects.  Maybe I would be giving a little twist. :)

Salad On A Stick

If you are planning to hold a week end party with your friends or family, this "salad on a stick" could be a good  way to surprise your guests and add a little bit of excitement to your week end gathering.  This is a no cook meal except for the egg that you have to boil of course. :)  You may want to prepare several salad dressings so your guests could take a pick.  This is a healthy meal that everyone would surely enjoy.  What more?  It wouldn't cost you heaps for this very simple dish.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Creating An Outdoor Shower

An outdoor shower is a good addition to your back yards but you do not have to worry, as budget will not be  a problem in this featured design.  I think you just need to purchase a shower head and other plumbing accessories, some pebbles or concrete cement plus rearranging your potted plants.

This design appears to be so calm and relaxing.  I'm loving it's simplicity, and the overall design that makes it very natural.  

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Easy To Do Wall Art

I would admit, when it comes to painting the walls, I am not a great fan of white.  I love anything that's colorful and bright! But I wouldn't discount the fact that a plain white paint is a way cheaper compared to colored paints and besides, it simple, clean and elegant.  But there are ways to give life to a dull plain white wall.  I love these red framed wall art in different sizes.  Matched with a simple wall mural, this combination makes the entire wall stand out.

If you have a talent in art, this wall mural can be a DIY project.  Framed wall art should never be a problem. You can buy some affordable posters of your favorite subject and make your own frames, too.  I think this is going to be easy. :) 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Creating A Work Space For Your Kids

In the present time where affordable condo units are in demand for salaried workers, the greatest challenge that home makers are facing is making the most of their space at home. Most condo units and apartments have limited spaces so it is necessary that we know how to maximize the area.

If you have two kids at home, they both probably need a study or a working area where they could maintain some kind of privacy and their own distinct space.  The above design would be great for two kids or even a Mom and a kid tandem.  It is actually a piece of table which was divided into two separate working areas using open shelves.  Nice idea, isn't it?  It is not costly either.  I think it would be better if you will have it customized by your favorite handyman.  You can choose a color motif your kids would prefer.

Try this at home for a clutter free space that's both simple and functional.

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