Thursday, April 10, 2014

One Pot Vegetable Garden

I have some huge pots which were actually part of the package when I hired a garden professional to landscape my garden few years back.  She actually planted these huge pots with trees ( I forgot the name) which resemble that of a coconut tree.  Unfortunately, these were not properly taken care of and now, these are still existing in my yard but look dull and dry.  I've thought of getting rid of the said trees which are not pleasant looking anyway and use those huge pots to plant vegetables instead. 

I saw this one pot vegetable garden from Sunset and it solves my problem. Now I know what will I do with those huge pots that I have at home.  I think it will be more worthy to covert these pots into mini vegetable gardens.  These will yield fresh vegetables which I can make use for my dishes and salads.  Now, all I have to do is to buy some seeds or seedlings to complete the garden. Anyway, I have already started with some now and I just have to transfer these greens into those huge pots.

Another entry in my bucket list for summer! :)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Painted Wall Art

We've done a similar art work a couple of years ago in our dining area and it's actually a wall mural.  The art work on our wall is still alive until now and it really adds up to the beauty of our dining room.  Since, we do not possess the professional art skills, we just hired a professional artist to do the job for us.  The result was really awesome and it gathered compliments from all our home visitors and friends.

After seeing this design online, I just had this idea that a wall art similar to the one we've done before could also be used as an added design behind shelves and it really looks artistic and eye catching.

What do you think?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Walk In Pantry

I guess it would always be a dream for every Mom out there to have a walk in pantry.  It's my ultimate dream actually.  I love to have a pantry area that's concealed and could not be readily seen from the kitchen view.  I also love the pantry area to have lots of rooms for storage, so that means lots and lots of shelves. :)

It would also be nice to make a contrast in color by having the door to the pantry painted with a bold color of green or orange. Well, that all depends on what is the existing color of your kitchen wall. 

Well, this is still a part of my bucket list and I'm just excited to try new ways to organize my kitchen. :)


Monday, March 24, 2014

Do It With Fabric

If you want to give your kitchen an instant make over, I mean "just for a change", you could very well do it with fabric.  Choose a pattern that complements the color of your kitchen.  You may also choose to repaint the inside of your open shelves.  This can give your kitchen an instant make over without being to harsh on your pocket.   Since it's summer, you could be a little bit more adventurous by choosing a color that could very well define nature like blue for water and green for outdoors.  During one of my shopping at a local home store, I also happen to see a kitchen sticker that could be stuck to your tiles to cover some worn out parts or to just simply add colors and design to your kitchen.  Honestly, since some parts of my kitchen tiles are already worn out, I am thinking of using the same thing too.

Let's try to experiment this summer!  

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Repurposed Bedside Table

I just found this brilliant way of transforming a bedside table into a sink.  The top of the table can be covered with a counter top either tiles or granite and make it plumbing ready by removing the inner drawers so you could possibly install the piping and the faucet.  You can still make use f the underneath shelves as an additional storage for towels or other bathroom accessories.  You may even want to repaint the table to match the color of your bathroom tiles for a unified theme.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Multi Functional Bench

This multi functional bench installed beside your bedroom windows can give you an added seat while helping you organize things and cut on your clutter.  The incorporation of a fabric covered foam adds color to the bench while the uniformly colored storage boxes gives contrast to the overall set up and make the area appeared to be compact and less cluttered.

Colored storage boxes can match your curtains and gives you additional rooms to pull in your basic stuff and make these available at a glance.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The New Home of Ms. Kris Aquino Featured on Kris TV

This has been a long overdue post! I was supposed to have it published since last month but I can't really have the luxury of time to work on this.  I had the privilege to watch that episode on Kris TV where for the first time, the new home of Ms. Kris Aquino was shown on TV.  I remembered having published same article on my other blog but that was the previous house that Kris had for her and her two kids.

I was surprised upon seeing the latest house as this is quite far from the taste of Ms. Kris Aquino when it comes to house designs and color motif.  I used to see her on TV adoring colors!  I think she loves anything that's colorful and vibrant!  This was very evident on her last house.  She got that pink kitchen, purple and red living room and that striking yellow jeepney inspired bed for Josh.  A really colorful house!  It was artistically designed though and looking at the house would really give you a glimpse of Ms. Kris Aquino's vibrant and bubbly personality. Thus, it was surprising though that this time, in her new home, she used plain colors all over the areas and I find it simple but exudes with class and elegance.  Here are some of the photos that I got from watching that episode.  All photos courtesy of ABS-CBN Kris TV.

Inside Kris walking closet where we could see her collection of branded bags, shoes and wardrobe

Her clothes and pants are neatly arranged and take note...color coding. :)

Kris bedroom, she got that favorite Bible verse displayed on the wall. 

As Kris is a devout Catholic, she can never live without the sacred images displayed on her house.

A photo of their living room

Inside Bimby's bedroom! Nice drum set, isn't it?

Kris own bathroom. Noticed that she now changed to plain white.  A good choice!

Inside Josh bedroom

There you go! This is just a sneak peek of Ms. Kris Aquino's newest home.  My favorite part of her house is her vertical garden where she has a collection of herbs and greens.  Unfortunately, I do not have a decent photo that could be posted here showing the beautiful vertical garden.  It has it's own water system, so it's really cool!

I really love her taste for home designs and even her home furnishings are really exceptional.  If you want to see more of her house, you can still catch that episode on Kris TV with her special guest, no other than her closest friend, Mr. Boy Abunda.

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